Mute issue with undone layer

It seems impossible to mute a track with an undone layer.

  • In this case if you double tap, the layer is redone (instead of mute the track),
  • and you have to double tap again to mute the track (but with the last layer redone)

(Furthermore when you double tap twice and the layer is redone, the track clock and waveform stay in undone states.)

This way of working leads me to a recurring case:

If i fail a mute by a single tap instead of a double tap, I can’t erase the overdubbing while I’m playing. It’s a very boring situation, you are stuck with a failed layer and need to undone the whole track! But if i could undone this overdub and then mute the track, i just loose few bars…

Hello there, yes we are aware of this corner case bug, my best suggestion would be to create a new silent overdub layer after undoing the overdub if muting is necessary, it doesn’t have to be long, this will track the undone layer and won’t change what people hear.

If you have access to a midi controller, this is not an issue seen with MIDI commands, it is really a corner case where we have to handle how the aeros behaves with double taps. This behavior is because, currently, it does not support muting of undone tracks, we just have to create a solution for half-undone tracks.

We understand this may be frustrating, we are working on the solution.

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Yes, I know this solution, but I can’t do it while playing because it would record half a bar. And If I tap faster, it’s considered like a double-tap… so like a redo.

I don’t have the place to integer one in my set-up. The possibilities of the Maestro are very interresting for me, but I can’t put it in my project, i really want to use the Aeros in standalone… So for now the best solution for me is to master the double-taps :sweat_smile:

But it would be very nice to have the opportunity to mute and unmute tracks with undone layers, to be able to prepare the tracks before launching them.

For example, i think an other corner case bug in relation with mute and undo: when a two layers track is mute, if you undo the last layer with a hold press during the mute, it will undo this layer but also unmute the track with the base layer. The hold press act like Undone + Unmute… but it’s ok for me, it’s 1 action for 2 complementory fonctions.

This is being worked on currently and will likely be fixed in the upcoming release.

Are you saying this is currently happening?

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Great I’m waiting for that :grinning:

Yes I just tested it to be sure: I have record a track with 2 layers, I mute the track, then when the track is muting if i hold press, then at the end of the measure or the loop (depends on the settings), the track is reactivated but with the last layer undone. That is why for me this Hold press act like an Undone + Unmute.

You’re saying you want to be able to undo the track as it’s set up to mute?

I just want to point out the fact that if you try to undo the most recent layer of a track that is muted, it undoes this top layer but also unmutes the base layer.

And for me depending on how the Aeros works, normaly it must be done, in 2 steps:

  1. Hold press : undo the top layer

  2. Single tap : unmute the track

And currently, it’s done in 1 step :

  1. Hold press = undo the top layer and unmute the base layer

But in fact, knowing it, this way of working suits me!

Hey, we have reworked the undone feature on 3.3.0 are you still seeing this bug? Thanks!

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Hey Brennan,

Everything is back to normal with this version!
Mute and Undone functions are now independent.


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