Mute & Unmute all tracks from one single MIDI command

Currently we can use MIDI C38 Value = 0 and Value = 127 to mute and unmute all tracks respectively.
This means that it takes two MIDI switches to accomplish the mute and unmute actions for all tracks.

In contrast, the individual track mute & unmute are “toggled”, i.e. the same MIDI command will toggle the mute and unmute action depending if the track is currently muted or not. And this means that achieve both mute and unmute for a single track we only need to use one MIDI switch.

Is there any existing way to achieve “single MIDI switch toggling mute and unmute of all tracks”? This would be useful mainly because

  1. For smaller MIDI controller where there are a limited number of switches, it’s very helpful to use just one and not two switches to do mute and unmute all tracks.
  2. It’s much easier to toggle between mute and unmute when they are on the same switch.

If not, is there any future plan to incorporate such behavior?


Many midi controllers have toggle capabilities that send one midi command on first press, and a different midi command on second press.

I can’t imagine what I would do if I had to have a different button for mute and un-mute for 6 tracks! 12 buttons? No. Just toggle values.

I use this with a single switch .Take a look of you are good with your settings like showing on this pic

Thanks @BlueSkyIS and @NYHC !!
Good to know this is possible.
I’ll see if I can make my MIDI controller do the same thing. Cheers!