Muted Bass?

Hi! I’m wondering if there are any kits that have a nice “muted bass” like Logic X has?

I already use the “NP brushes Upright 63_91” kit quite a bit. I just need to find a nice muted electric bass kit.


Hey @Phil Flood! Any suggestions here for a kit that contains a bass that sounds like “muted bass” in Logic X"? Thanks :slight_smile:

Not offhand, but I do have a kit with a bowed bass that might be interesting.

STAX Coffee House Kit.

Thanks @Phil Flood !
I’m attaching an WAV file of the bass tone I’m looking for.

Try NP Jazz Trio Brushes 3, and NP P-Bass and Blues Harp. If you go with the P-BAss. I think you can get there if you shorten the notes to where they sound ended, rather than letting them ring out.

Thanks @Phil Flood ! I’ll give those a try :slight_smile:

Hey @Phil Flood, is this the “NP Jazz Trio Brushes 3” you mentioned above?


I’m freaking out again :eek: I imported the NP P-Bass and Blues Harp and now I’m getting harmonica sounds for the bass and some percussion lines. It’s confusing because the bass works on the “NP Brushes Upright 63_91”, but not for this “NP P-Bass and Blues Harp” kit? I suspect I need to move the bass notes again?!?! Holy Mackrel, this is a lot to learn to create my own beats :confused:

Please Help!

1 Is there a tutorial somewhere about midi notes VS piano scale notes? I’m working with the Logic X software instrument editor and I think it’s all piano notes…


There are 2 main mapping schemes used for Beat Buddy bass. The original mapping was in the range of 63-91. That is, the bass notes are at mid 63 through 91, or Eb3 through G5. When you see 63-91 kits, that is what it is referencing. However, not all kits using this mapping are labeled as such. Most have some sort of midi mapping described in their download link, or in a mapping that comes with the download. Otherwise you have to open the kit in BB Manager and see what is where. To do that, select the kit name from the list of drum kits, and double click on it. The kit will open in a Drum Kit editor window, and you can see the midi number assigned to each instrument.

Most of the kits that I made, including that Blues Harp kit, have the bass mapped at 0 through 31, or C -2, through G0. What you ran Into is a situation where you need a 63-91 kit and used a 0 through 31 kit. Thus, you got harmonica, which is mapped somewhere above midi 60.

One other kit, Standard P-Bass, has the bass mapped much higher at 87 through 115, or Eb5 through G7.

To some extent, you can swap kits when the used the same bass mapping, especially if your song only has drums and bass. But if you have a song with other instruments required, you will need to use the recommended kit. There are some instances where a song needs a part of the drum kit mapped above midi 60, and in those cases, again, you may need to use the recommended kit.

It’s not a issue of midi notes vs. Piano scale notes. It’s an issue of midi notes vs where the Beat Buddy kit builder put the bass (or piano, or drums, etc.) Midi has a greater range than a piano. A piano typically has 88 keys. midi has 128 notes. The piano ranges from A0 to C8. Midi has notes down to C-2, or two octaves below the C that is below the lowest A on a piano, and then up to G8, the G above the highest C on the piano.

Thanks @Phil Flood ! That helps me understand better. A few more questions:
1 Is it normal for the BB manager to take a while to open the “kits” so I can see what’s what?
2 I’m not sure what all this means when I open up the kit (screenshot attached)? "0 Bass C0 (vol 0db)? o_O
3 Does the Beat Buddy read ALL the automation that I create in Logic X, such as individual volume for the hihat, bass drum etc…?
4 Does the Beat Buddy read ALL the tone settings I create in Logoc X, such as dampening the bass drum etc.?
Thanks as always for all your help! :slight_smile:

  1. depending upon your processor speed, it can be less than instantaneous. So yes, it can takes a few moments. It should not be minutes.
  1. ) 0 Bass C0 = @ midi 0 (the note that would be called C -2), there is a bass tone, playing C0, or 2 octaves higher than it is mapped. (vol 0db) means that there is 0db DECREASE in volume from the level at which the wave is recorded. HOWEVER, the instrument name, which in this case is “Bass C0” is entered by the user creating the kit. There is no guarantee that these are accurate.

  2. No. Velocity levels on a note by note basis are recognized. Midi volume is not recognized. Overall volume for an instrument can be adjusted in the kit can be set using the volume setting described in #2 above. Midi note on is recognized. Midi note off is recognize if the instrument is designated as “non-percussion.” Pitch bend and aftertouch are not recognized. Tempo changes within a song are not presently recognized.

  3. No, Beat Buddy plays the wave in the Beat Buddy drum kit. The only “adjustments” that it recognizes are velocity.

Thanks @Phil Flood! I’m not entirely sure I comprehend your answers YET, but I will refer to them as I move forward and try to figure all this out :slight_smile: