Muting Aeros when just working with BB

When I’m working on a new project and I just want my BB to operate how do I stop Aeros?
Let’s say I’m working on a little set going good and I’m thinking I want to work on a new riff.
All I want is my BB to work on this new riff but Aeros wants to fire up last track played.
How do I put Aeros on hold till I’m ready for its assistance.
I’m running BB MM and Aeros.
Right now I’m just cutting the power to the Areos til I’m ready for it.


I’ve found the easiest way to do this (I’ve done this myself to just use the BB) is to unplug the MIDI cable at the Aeros. This keeps any audio stream connected but prevents the BB from initiating the Aeros record/play function. I’m only using the Aeros and BB.

Good grief.
You would think there would be a disengage command?
Pulling the plug is so well purpose defeating.


This has been a much requested feature. Something like “don’t respond to midi when on the home screen or settings screen” is all it would take.

It’s such a simple and obvious thing; one wonders what’s going on at SS?

You can disable two of the MIDI settings on the BB instead, but for me it was easier to pull the plug. You can disable the MIDI Start command and the Send CC-102 command in the BB MIDI settings and that will have the same effect and let you leave the plugs connected.

That’s two settings too many.

Often I want to turn this on/off during a song (e.g., only use loops for part of the song or not have the aeros switch to a new part when the drums change.).

Preferably this is reachable someplace via footswitch. If the feature only disabled start/stop/record related midi, then having this be a midi command could also work (but less useful and more confusing).


I believe they’re calling it “Park” feature request? I posted a thread with this exact issue a few weeks ago. I would be happy for even a simple midi command cc# to disable communication. But yeah, I’m not down with messing with the midi cable.

I agree. Not the best solution, but that’s what is working for me right now. It would be nice to have a better option in the future, but I’ll deal with it for now.

This is the best solution i think. There is even already a setting for it… The “on midi start” control can be set to record or play, just setting that to play means the aeros would not be recording but would be ready if you wanted it… That’s what makes the lack of implementation most annoying - it’s 90% there.

Fingers crossed for a Christmas present firmware.

They had an Aeros Park feature in past versions.
By going to mixer screen.
But new firmware version its no longer available?
cc102 as suggested also does not achieve this park feature either.

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Unfortunately it’s not just the MIDI start command that gets the Aeros going. At least on mine, with both record and play on MIDI start “off”, the Aeros still starts playing when I initiate a transition on the BB. Hopefully the “park” feature is (re) implemented in the next firmware.

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You’re right. Transitions should behave as start does.

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I have my Aeros attached in an FX loop from my Line6 Helix Effects. I just engage/disengage using a stomp switch which works really well for me.

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A company called Midi UP makes MIDI kill switches that work really well. Their first product ($20) was a rocker switch and their latest is a foot switch for $30. Both break the MIDI signal between the two MIDI devices.

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Midi kill switch?
That’s a great idea!

Hey all,

We are keen on figuring out this feature, we really liked the idea of possibly using templates of behavior that can be changed easily (the question is how to fit this in UI and make it doable handsfree/ if handsfree will be an option outside of midi).

This is not far away, we are toying with UI reworks and add-ons that will likely have this ability in consideration.

As far as having filters for transition commands, you can do this by disabling CC102 commands, the downside is losing BB part changes to Aeros, but if you have a MIDI controller in front you can send all part changes as necessary. We have also improved BB in tested version that it no longer responds to song part #s that don’t exist.

Stay tuned lots of things are improving!

I hope the Park feature is brought back as it sounds like something everyone wants.

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Yes i am new to the Aeros after buying the BB some time ago i thought it would be the perfect match but some things are just not great about their pairing. What i am doing is starting the BB to find the beat i want then immediately hitting the stop button on the Aeros. far from a great option but until there is another function available, i don’t really fathom unplugging and plugging the midi able in.

I don’t know if the developers are not using the BB with the Aeros or if this is too complicated, but the integration of the two devices falls short. Not sure they are thinking about common use cases when both devices are in play.

Longer term, having the BB features inside an Aeros Plus will make it much easier for them to work seamlessly. SS says there’s not enough buttons on the Aeros to handle this in the current hardware, but I’m not so sure (and I’d rather have a midi controller on my board with an Aeros than the BB + Aeros)

Agreed. Let’s be honest: the BB only has one non-configuration related button and most of the things that button does are already happening on the aeros…

  • start… Check
  • stop… Check
  • transition… Check

The only function missing is the fill. And actually the extra information as regards when the loop boundaries are available to the aeros means it could probably automate fills anyway. SD card is already there for sample library, the only thing that stops the aeros doing the BB job is software.

Even if all that weren’t true, literally making the aeros the size of the aeros plus the BB and improving integration would still be better than two units.

The only downside for singular is likely that they couldn’t really ask for BB+Aeros money for such a unit, so there’s no real incentive to do it (other than their competition catching up with them, which if I were an SS investor would be my biggest worry across the board now).