Muting and deleting a track sometimes requires multiple attempts

If I time it incorrectly it just gets really confusing. Usually what I think should happen is that after pressing twice and waiting for it to mute, then holding it to undo it, it will at some point completely delete the track. During this time the text on the bottom right transitions into, idk, 4 different states? But even then, it is still visible there and it is definitely not communicating to me that this slot is totally blank again.

What I would have appreciated is, if I could just completely remove one of the tracks via e.g. the mixer view or something, after having screwed up the loop duration and such. So that I don’t have to do those street-fighter style button combos.

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Can I ask you, why are you trying to undo a track that is currently waiting to mute?

Maybe I am misunderstanding, are you saying you are already muted and trying to undo it to re-record it?

Unfortunately deleting a track will not be allowed for some time if ever. The best way to delete a track is to undo it and re-record it. The last part of a song can be deleted by pressing the last part’s icon and a pop-up will ask if you wish to delete it.

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I’m first waiting for it to be muted, and then try to undo it. I thought I read somewhere that this is necessary to do it, maybe it was this post, idk: Aeros: How to clear a 6x6 Track? - #2 by Euan, Aeros: How to clear a 6x6 Track? - #12 by Euan

But apparently muting is not needed after all, as explained here: Deleting track or part - #11 by meadowbrook

The last part of a song can be deleted by pressing the last part’s icon and a pop-up will ask if you wish to delete it.

But only after stopping the loop unfortunately

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you can undo at any time, while recording (this undoes the current recording), while playing back, or even while overdubbing. You cannot however undo something while a stop is pending. This is something we hope to allow in the future it has to do with a logic capable of handling multiple future events being called at once.

This can also be accomplished using an undo MIDI command, CC 37. You can find all commands here.

CC Number and Categories Command Name Value Action Firmware version added
CC:37 Undo / Redo
Undo/Redo Selected (Top layer) 0 Undo/Redo currently selected track’s top layer (6x6 mode) 3.0.0
Undo/Redo Track (Top layer) 1-6 Undo/Redo track’s top layer (track # = value #) 3.0.0

If you would like to cancel recordings with one tap, you can turn on the Cancel Recording option in the Device Settings menu. When enabled, the Play / Stop All button will cancel any current recordings or overdubs. You must be recording or overdubbing for this to work.

Thanks for the question!

CC37, 0 will undo/redo the current 2x2 track, which I find helpful to send from a midi controller because it is immediate as opposed to the delayed response of holding the RPO/ROP in a 2x2. It allows me to easily silence what I’ve recorded and then put it back at will some time later. PLEASE do not “fix” this to only work with 6x6.

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Things have changed markedly since I wrote that.

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