My 1st attempt with BB

Cool! Nice work – especially for your first shot at it!

A little heavy on the overall compression (gives your guitar a ducking feel), but this is still a great example of what you can do and how quickly you can do it with a Beat Buddy.

Thanks for sharing!


What’s ducking feeling please?
And how do you avoid it?

This may help you understand what ducking is

Although i can’t speak for what Joe intended to convey, to me the guitar volume may be reducing the volume of the drums.

Ducking is generally defined as the effect of other instruments or tracks getting lowered in volume, when the primary sound kicks in. The best examples are things like a narrator over a documentary with a backing soundtrack. The overall volume stays the same, but the music “ducks down” for the narrator.

What sounds like is really happening is “pumping.” That’s when you run a compressor, and the input is set a bit too high, so that too many things compete for the available volume, and everything squishes up against the maximum available volume. Everything is squished equally when they’re all going great guns, but when one or more of the competing signals drops out, the others get louder (the “pump”).

In this case, whenever you stop singing, the guitar and the drums jump forward, because there is now room within the available volume.

Make sense?

Thanks guys
I’m only using a mobile phone to record
What shall I turn down or up
Thanks for supporting me guys

That explains a lot. The phone has a built in limiter or automatic volume control to avoid overloading during recording. When you stop singing it raises the record level and then you hear the Beat Buddy.