My 5 year old love the BB

I just wanted to share to the rest of the BB’s and the people who made this product. Not only do I love this Pedal, my 5 year old loves it even more. Me and him fight over using it almost every day. Of course he loves to just hear the different beats and dances to them. He know how to move along the beat selection to choose other beats. Pressing the pedal once for the fills and 2 times for the Outro. I just thought all BB’s and staff would want to know that this pedal is fun for all ages :slight_smile:

My daughter who was 6 at the time hated it! She was really excited when I got it, so I put headphones on her and played her some beats, she was really upset and never wanted to hear it again. She is very sensitive to any drum beat now - only likes calm music :stuck_out_tongue:

O man Kids are like that. you never know what will set them off. We’ve been bring my son to music classes since hes been 2 and got him a drum set at that age so i guess he kind of got use to it over time. but the good thing for you is that you dont have to fight with her when you want to use it :slight_smile:

If you happen to make a video of him playing it, we’d love to see. It sounds like a very cute scene to watch. :slight_smile:

I’ll try but unfortunately he gets shy when the video is on him sadly something he got from me. One of the reasons drums was my first instrument choice . i can hide behind a big kit and still be able to jam on stage I’ll try to video without him seeing me.

If i had a kid, He will definitely Love Mybeatbuddy