My Aeros requests

Hi folks,

Song part change don’t need “play” in 6x6 (need 2x2 mode), 2 actions for one result is really boring… and always confusing between play and record same switch

Possibility to erase individual part and track … i have always parts and tracks i don’t need…really boring too

Possibility to choose between Punch in/out (very usefull for long loops or for avoid start loop delay reverb cuts), and ovedub (i never never never use it with 6 tracks)…

Pan and output choice in the mixer

Easy sync on/off… when only beat buddy is needed

Possibility to remove record when the loop is ok

Possibility to lock recording always at the begining of the reference loop for new tracks, a sort of “loop end recording”

Possibility to lock the numbers of bars same as the reference track

Possibility to choose wich track is the reference

Possibility to exchange tracks and parts order…

hope i’m clear? :wink:

Aeros for me is not easy to use yet, particularly for live sessions…


@mdb thank you for your suggestion! We’re taking all these requests into consideration and will implement as many as possible.

Thanks David,

I would love to have

  1. 6x6 have 1 touch transition to the next part just like 2x2 or mabey a 2x3 that has 1 touch transition.
    Each track pan coming up soon will be cool.
    Hands free song selection is a must