My bb doesn't show up on my computer


When I plug my bb into my computer it doesn’t show up, should it be plugger in to the power supply as well

Re: Software

Yes, but surely you have tried that.

I have downloaded the software but when I plug my bb in it doesn’t show up on my computer. Should the bb be plugged in to its power supply or should the usb power it, I’ve been at this for hours and it’s drivin me mad, somebody help.

I believe you need the AC adapter to power the BB, as it requires 9v and USB will only supply 5v.

BTW: I always take out the SD card and plug that directly into the PC, which works for me.




Re: Software

Use a Windows computer, BeatBuddy must be powered on, and Manager Software should be started manually as it won’t automatically start when you connect BeatBuddy via USB.

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