My BB main switch gave up: Need MIDI/Sysex instruction to select highlighted song

Hello Singular Sound, @BrennanSingularSound
My BB main pedal became unresponsive while the screen is swapping between Tempo info and other stuff. I found out that this behaviour is caused by a bad main pedal switch and it needs to be replaced (I ordered the replacement from Taiwan, as per the info I found).

But, since I already control some functions via my MIDI controller, namely Transition, Pause/Unpause, Fill, Volume, Tempo, Folder selection, etc., I just need a MIDI or Sysex or equivalent instruction to SELECT a song in order to replace this main-pedal function.

Is there already such an instruction? If not, can it be included in a new firmware?

PS: “Remote Main Pedal (CC:120, value >0 for press, value=0 for release) - This emulates the main BeatBuddy Pedal being pressed and released. In other words, this makes a MIDI controller act just like the Main Pedal. Simply send CC:120 with any value other than 0 to emulate the press and send CC:120 with value 0 to emulate the release. Both must be sent for this MIDI command to function properly.”
^ That doesn’t seem to be working -nothing happens ^

Thank you.
PS2: Using Firmware 4.1.3

Your main switch is most likely defective replace it and it will be ok again. Don’t know the midi commands.

@renevmind I take it that you didn’t read the body of my post but thanks all the same for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

You might try a squirt of DeOxit contact cleaner into the side of the switch from the top before tearing the unit down to replace the switch. Might help, might not, but worth a try.

@MarkF48 Thanks, that’s always the first thing I try in these cases but that didn’t fix it. There’s a nice video on YouTube about dismantling the BB and replacing the switch, I’m just waiting for the replacement.
And SS provides a CC120 MIDI message to emulate the main switch functions via a MIDI controller, which I’m fine with, but it’s not working for me.

Just to dot the i’s and cross the t’s…it says you need to send both the press and release CC commands for it to work. You have done that?

@User_Name I have, indeed. Needles to say, all the other MIDI messages (the ones I mentioned above) work flawlessly and have done so for a long time. I never tried the CC120 till now, because I didn’t need it before. I even tried adding short delays between the two messages (press & release) to no avail.
Still waiting for the Singular Sound support team to respond to my post and to the email I sent them.

Does the CC120 work for you?

Thank you for your reply.

I just tried it and it does not work for me either…sigh

@User_Name Thank you for testing it! :pray:

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Oops my bad, you are right I did not read the body of your post.

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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out, yes we will first and foremost look into whether the Main Pedal CC120 value 1 and 0 commands work as expected and will fix it if not it likely will not be long before we address this.

As far as a select song command, we feel as though the CC:120 command working as expected should suffice for this need

More news soon, thanks for reporting!

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@BrennanSingularSound Thank you, Brennan.

Jay replied via email confirming that the C120 command is not working as intended. I know I can use a couple of other ways on the pedal to select songs but I’d have to lean down for that. The C120 message will let me do it from my MIDI Controller.

Looking forward to the fix!

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Ok definitely, we will look into it!

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Hey there, are you sure you were sending the values correctly?

It should be set up to send the CC:120 value 1 command on the press and value 0 on the release, if you do not send both it will not work

Let me know thanks!

@BrennanSingularSound Hi Brennan. Thank you for your reply.

Does this mean it works for you??

And yes, I am sure I’m sending the MIDI CC120 correctly, as described by you. I just double checked and tried it and nothing happens regarding selecting a highlighted song (not sure what other actions this CC120 is meant to replicate)
I don’t recognize the pic you included (Aeros? Maestro?) but FYI I’m using a Morningstar MC-6mkii and all other BB MIDI commands work just fine.

Thank you.
PS: I managed to replace the main switch and it’s now working as before. But I still have issues with the centre and right knobs (unable to access the Settings Menu, for example)

Thank you.

Hey there,

Sorry for the delayed response

It is working fine for me, yes, you are sure you are sending CC:120 value 1 on the press of your midi controller followed by CC:120 value 0 on the release? Both commands must be sent in that order to work correctly

Let me know, thanks

@BrennanSingularSound Thank you for your reply. Yes, I’m sure I’m sending the CC120 message as instructed (see attached pic from my MC6 MIDI Controller; same result with my MC6Pro) and I am monitoring the MIDI activity to confirm the two CC120 values are being sent in sequence.
All other CC messages sent via the MC6 to the BB work as intended, the CC120 being the only exception.

I think I’ll put

this issue aside since the main BB pedal switch is now working.

Thank you. Cheers.

Maybe the mc6 is sending the second message too fast?

Does adding a delay work?

Would be funny if the debounce filter on the footswitch was being applied to midi. Nerd joke, yes.

@Quad I thought of that a while ago and have tried introducing a (Press) delay message between the Press and Release actions using several values (can’t remember which) to no avail. It’s really puzzling since both Jay and Brennan from SS have reported it works for them (using MIDI Maestro, I guess)

Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion!