My BB maun pedal and footswiych aren't working

Any recommendations for why it won’t latch and detect, the main pedal starts but doesn’t stop or transition? It’s killing me to manually move songs and stop the sound with the mixer volume.

It gradually got worse.


The switch in your BB might have gone bad. To be sure, if you have the external footswitch, set it to main in the menu of the BB. If the external switch does those function well, you know for sure the mainswitch has gone bad. You can try some contact cleaner, but it would be better to change out the switch. (can be any momentary switch as long as it fits the space)


Thank you. The main BB switch is good - it’s the external foot switch that I think I need to replace. Thanks, #renevmind

If you have a soldering iron, you could replace the switch yourself. Recommend you replace them both with momentary type, particularly if they’re the older latching type.

Thank you, #persist - will try the replacement of the external foot switch first, and the follow your instructions. Cheers!