My BB update is alternating between "NO SD CARD" and "UPDATING BEATBUDDY FIRMWARE".

I recently attempted to add some new songs that I downloaded from the Beatbuddy website and add them to my card. I have also updated the firmware according to the video tutorial but when I put the card back into the unit, all I’m getting is “NO SD CARD” and “UPDATING BEATBUDDY FIRMWARE” alternating every few seconds and it goes on for hours. I haven’t damaged my unit have I? I have even deleted everything from the cars and reinstalled everything from a backup but to no avail.
Please help!

I don’t think you’ve damaged anything.

  • From what you’ve written, it sounds like you might not have been using the BBM to add songs to the SD card. Please make sure you always use the BBM to perform functions for the BeatBuddy;
  • Try this: make sure your SD card is not locked (little shutter on the side); delete (do not reformat) the contents from your SD card;
  • install f/w 1.8.5 on the SD card;
  • power off to the pedal; insert SD card and power back on.

Did this work? If it did, install the Default BeatBuddy Content Update from

If it didn’t, two choices:

  • start over with a new SD card (no need to format)
  • if you don’t have a new SD card, reformat the existing one to FAT 32

Thanks for your reply. I’ve formatted the card; now all I need to do is restore it to how it was before it all went wrong. Watch this space.

I saw a reply that you could not format to FAT 32 on your Mac. Which version of the OS do you have?
Depending on the version of your Mac OS, you should be able to format it using the Disk Utility:

  • Insert the SD card into your Mac’s SD card slot reader
  • Open Disk Utility; click the name of your SD card—it’s probably still NO NAME
  • Select Erase and a sub-menu should appear
  • Choose format ExFat from the drop-down

If that doesn’t work, let me know, please.

Sounds good.

I must be dong something else wrong as all I have now - after adding the AC/DC and Beatles song folders is:
Time sig. -/-

And that’s it. All I want is to restore the card to its default settings and start again but it looks like I am unable to.

I formatted the card eventually, but I’m still having trouble. Looks like I’m going to have to start entirely from scratch which is a pain in the arse.
If this is what you’re referring to, yeah, it’s a tedious process.

Before doing that:

  • try to reinstall firmware
  • copy default content to the card (which is done from the OS—not BBM)

Still no joy. I have tried opening the default backup folder but it’s not allowing me to open the .pbf files.

Just curious, why are you trying to open the pbf files?

Here’s a screen shot of the contents of the backup zip file.
Just drag and copy to your SD card. Allow them to overwrite what’s on there.

Next, follow the instructions from the BeatBuddy Manager Help > Getting Started menu.

I have followed your instructions to the letter and I am still no better off. It’d be easier if I were to give you the card and tell you to do it as I’m done!

Hey, Andy. Sorry you’re still having issues. When you’re not quite so frustrated, come on back and see if we can help you get it sorted out. Once you do, it’ll all start to seem easier. If you’re willing, I can try to help you via a remote session.

Thank you; that sounds great.