My Beadbuddy MIDI integrations

Sharing this if anyone interested how to minimize pedal tap dancing. I’m using OnSong for lyrics/chords. Each OnSong file has MIDI command to select from BeatBuddy the corresponding song with pre-defined tempo and just now included Onsong also to send MIDI command to select effect from Line 6 M5 Stompbox.
Beatbuddy is MIDI master and syncs M5 Stompbox. Nice add-on is that all delay effects are in sync with the tempo.
Typical syntax in OnSong:
Tempo: 62
MIDI: 0.26:15@0, 1.1:2@4



Thanks for sharing!

Nice piece of info. I use OnSong also as my midi controller. My interface is iConnectivity midi+2 (with 2 midi ins/outs). With each song selection in OnSong I set the song parameters for BB and Strymon Timeline preset by using the 2 outs from the interface going into the ins on BB and Timeline. I would love to find a way to sync up both BB and Timeline in such a way where I can tap in a new tempo (from somewhere) and have them change the parameters simultaneously. I bought this midi device called Tempode from Molten Voltage which is a small pedal with 2 midi ins/outs but haven’t thought of a way how to use it yet. …Any suggestions???

I love the Foot Controlled Volume Knob Adapter on the BB pedal!!

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