My beat buddy is dead! What the...... !

Used it recently. Stored it away, safely. Just went to use it and… NOTHING!!!
No signal. No LED. inserted SD card…Nothing! Unplugged, waited 1 minute, plugged back in…Nothing!
What the…! HELP!!!

Maybe try another powersupply, just ensure it matches the specification required.

Have you updated the firmware recently?

I discovered that the cord was pinched & split. So I’ve purchased another power supply.
Hopefully that will be the only problem.
First thing I did was download the tracks to my computer before I discovered the flaw in the cord.
If I need to, I will update the firmware. Thank you!

Be aware that BB is using non-standard NEGATIVE middle pin. Most of the off-the-shelve power supplies have + on middle pin.

@Mark -

  1. Make sure that the power supply you buy is 9V, 300mA+, center negative
  2. It is always a good idea to update the firmware. There are some useful features that have been added in the latest version: