My Beat Buddy is not feeling well.

Good morning guys, My Beat Buddy is not feeling well. I noticed at the last show that it sounded really thin and tinny. I thought I had a cable issue at first. I am using TRS to XLR to the console (both left and right). I did all the usual things - changed cables, different channels, etc. I found that the levels are not the same. The left channel is much weaker and thin sounding and there is a low rumble coming from that output. The right side sounds rather tinny. I believe I registered it, but I am not 100% sure of that. Here is my dilemma. I went to get the serial # off of it only to realize that # is on the rubber pad underneath. I took that pad off to attach Velcro and I of course now I can’t find that rubber pad. I am attaching proof of purchase from Sweetwater. My sales assoc. from Sweetwater said they would back me up on ownership of it if that would help. Can you help me? We use the BB on 90% of our songs. I have gotten pretty good at using it and it is very big part of our show. I am really bummed that mine is not feeling well…

Is there a doctor in the house?

You can try updating the f/w or a new SD card but other than that, you’ll have to get a consult with Support.

Contact @BeatBuddy Support and see if they can cure what ails 'ya.

Thank you guys. I have already contacted and heard from support. You Guys Rock!!! :slight_smile: