My BeatBuddy and I

Day 3 and we are becoming friends but he/she won’t tell me where I can find a suitable setting for “Ballads” still looking…

Just a hint - you can adjust tempo on any of the included songs. They may become more suitable then :slight_smile:

I have decided that my BeatBuddy is female and you are right a different tempo is the answer. I am experimenting with Blues 3 (6/8) 105bpm. This is pretty close to my “Ballad” problem. example: Frankie Lane = “Lucky Old Sun”. Thanks for your response:D

Give us an idea of what ballads you want to play and perhaps someone will upload a couple beats for you. I’m guessing that you want something in 6/8 time.

Some of these might not even be “Ballads”…I can’t stop loving you…Georgia…Crazy…embarrassingly, all from the long distant past. I am finding some of the standard BeatBuddy tracks a little “intense” for a few of my personal favourites. (The point where one might tell your drummer to “cool it man”). I suppose when I get round to creating tracks myself, they will be “simplified” somewhat. Thanks for your response Charles.

In my head I hear 12/8 (or subdivided down to 6/8) on those classics. And they are classics - no embarrassment there. Ray Charles, Willie, Patsy… Good set list material for us mature and wiser folks. :wink:

From past experience, I know that foot pedals have a habit of “walking” away especially when pressed enthusiastically, so I knocked this BeatBuddy garage together… Bits of spare wood, glue and Satin Black paint :-)[ATTACH=full]999[/ATTACH]

Here’s Can’t Stop Loving You

Georgia On My Mind

Thanks Charles but how do I get the files into BB? I had a message about “parsing” when I tried ?

Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”