my beatbuddy on my pedalboard


I used 12mm 9mm plywood and made a pedalboard . I don’t like using Velcro, prefer 3M dual lock. You don’t need that much. This is my main / acoustic pedalboard used for drum machine, loop station. power supplies are Voodoo lab 2 plus and CIOKS CIOKOLATE.

here is a list of what I have on the pedalboard and its signal chain:
Main pedalboard(acoustic,looper):
(1) Fishman spectrum DI
(2) AB BOX (I will build an electric guitar board, then switch between acoustic and electric guitars)
(3) TC Helicon GTX vocal processor
(4) TC Helicon tuner
(5) Modded Ernie Ball Jr
(6) Vox wah wah
(7) Pog2
(8) Eventide Pitchfactor
(9) Timeline
(10) Bigsky
(11) Boomerang looper
(12) Boomerang sidecar
(13) Beatbuddy drum machine
(14) Disaster Area DMC-8D MIDI controller

MIDI control:
(1) Beatbuddy send MIDI clock to Boomerang sidecar to Boomerang looper;
(2)Disaster Area DMC-8D MIDI controller control Eventide Pitchfactor, Timeline, Bigsky. I will build an electric guitar board, it has line 6 pod and Torpedo CAB on it, controlled by DMC-8D.


this is where i made my pedalboard.


power supplies




I also made a lid/case.


had a gig last night.


Thanks for sharing the photos. I think it is great you custom built and now have the perfect board for all your pedals.

I bought a pre-made aluminum rail board, but as I changed my setup, it was just the wrong shape and size for the pedals.

Thanks, Dan