My Board!

I’m new to the Beat Buddy community, but I’ve recently added one and will be playing my first Beat Buddy enabled show in 2 weeks. I will have about 13 or so tunes worked up with the BB, out of around 35 we will play. This weekend I spent some time on my pedal board and got the BB, Footswitch, and Maestro all integrated. Thought I’d share my updates here!

Guitar->Pickup Booster(lead boost)->Tuner->OC-5 Octave->Tube Screamer->Vapor Trail Delay->Phaser->Chorus->HOF Reverb->Freeze->Boomerang (With Sidecar)->PA. Looper is midi synced with the Beat Buddy. The BB itself is on a dedicated channel on the PA.

Currently I play acoustic and sing in a duo with a keyboard/bass player. We do a variety of mostly rock/blues/soul stuff from the 70’s-90’s. We have worked up BB+Looper versions of Comfortably Numb, Creep (Radiohead), Blue on Black (Kenny Wayne Shepherd), Superstition, and our Halloween special, Thriller->Another One Bites the Dust->Rest of Thriller, as well as several others.

What are you guys rocking on your boards and what do you play?


would you be willing to share some video of your performance using this set up? Looks great!

Sure, here’s a quick video of me putting together the main loop of Comfortably Numb and then playing the lead. Live we would do the full song and cycle through all the BeatBuddy parts. Here I just needed the main beat. Sorry for the portrait angle, first time trying to record like this!

AWESOME!!! you’re a great player. Thanks for posting!

-how did you accomplish this?

Using this midi-chain: MIDI Maestro(out) → (In) BeatBuddy (Out) → (In) Boomerang

This causes the BeatBuddy to send a tempo signal on the quarter note to Boomerang. You can see the yellow light on the Boomerang blinking with the beat in the video indicating the sync. On the 4 count intro, the sync starts. Then I start the loop recording at beat 1 of measure 1, play the progression, and then complete the loop after the progression.

Once I have that laid down, the drums and the loop are always in time. Then I just stack 2 more guitar layers and a Bass layer (*via Octave pedal), turn of stacking mode and JAM!

thanks for that explanation! great set-up!

always wondered how I could sync a guitar loop with BB using a Ditto Looper pedal and the BB. Can this be done without the Maestro? (In) BeatBuddy (Out) → (In) Ditto Looper

You don’t need the Maestro. I just use it to give advanced control of the BeatBuddy.

You can midi-sync via the BeatBuddy Out to any looper with a Midi In. Different loopers work differently. The Boomerang just has the tempo sync. Others (The Aeros for example) have more advanced functionality available via MIDI control.