My Brand New BeatBuddy as Firm 1.9.2

I’m an ultra newbe, just got my BB (Firmware 1.9.2) & Foot Switch, pretty cool. I have gotten the File Manager deal set up and now it’s time to learn. I have not seen this firmware rev in any documentation, is this the latest? Also, is there downloadable documentation on the file manager? I see “Autopilot Mode” mentioned. How do I enable that? Can you make the loaded drum tracks play like a song with a start/end with the transitions, verse1/2 all played with no interaction needed? Thanks.

Welcome, zeekbeat. By File Manager, did you mean BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)? You can download the BBM user guide from where you can also review some of the video tutorials. Please do so to improve your experience with your new pedal and software.

Firmware 1.9.2 was never released officially although it has been shipping with new pedals. You’re probably better off reverting to 1.8.5 which is the last officially released version of the f/w.

Autopilot is not yet implemented and that’s why you want to roll back to 1.8.5.

If Autopilot were available, it would probably allow you to play without any interaction with the pedal. Since it’s not available yet, you could try the one-press bass (OPB) songs available here on the forum to see if that comes closest to what you are you looking for. Before doing so though, you might be better off lurking and reading thru the forum to get a better idea of how to set up for and use the OPB songs. If you’re a bass player, some of the songs in the Resources section are Drums one-press (DOP).