My Custom, home made, Pedal Board

Couldn’t find a large enough pedal board so I made this one. $80 Carries +300 lbs!


Looks like you used a shelf from one of those plastic utility storage shelving units from Home Depot?

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Nope. Steel utility rack shelf. ( $40 !!! Holds 500 lbs: LOL. Metal legs cut from posts. Rubber feet. Pedal Board Floor ( Custom cut to pedals: $ 40
$80 Indestructible. Light and FOOD SAFE!

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Nicely Done, Axel! I’ve done something similar. Also, looks like we share the same taste in gear.

Steve Shiver

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I’m curious - did you end up tilting your board on an angle or going with a flat board? I ask because I find the Aeros menu selection box to be hard to see unless the display is sitting flat. I have a 10 degree angled board on the way, and am anticipating that I might have to put a wedge under the Aeros to bring it back to level.

Nice. I have a tilted board, better access to upper and lower pedals. But I put a 1x1 piece to level up some pedals.

Great taste brother in music. Have you a Maestro and the HX stomp? You can use the maestroto controlHX STOMP!

I didn’t know that! I have the Helix XL, BeatBuddy, and use a TC Helicon PlayAcoustic for my vocals. I’m new to the BeatBuddy, and now I’m interested in the Aeros and Maestro.

It looks great…and sturdy.

You’ve got two BB pedal switches. How are they programmed so that two are better than one? Are they wired together somehow?

One foot switch for the Beat Buddy, the other for the Maestro. Gives me access to functions on Maestro that bypasses the many option tabs.

Power supply recommendations for my pedal board?
Aeros Looper, Beat Buddy, Maestro, GR55, Voice live 2, HX Stomp?