My first BB Video!

Hi BeatBuddy users I finally got around to shooting my first video of me performing using the BB. I’ve tried to show as clearly as I can how I set it up and am using it with text graphics and a panel foot shot. Hope you enjoy and find it useful, you can check it out here:


Nice work how did you shoot your PIP video? What app?

Hi emac and thanks for your message. I shot the PIP using a portable Zoom Q3HD camera on a small tripod placed beside my feet and the pedals.
I then imported it seperately into Final Cut Pro on my Mac after I had imported the main video (shot on a sony camcorder).
I’m not sure how familiar you are with video editing software but
I dragged it along the top of the main clip on the timeline which creates cutaway shots that supercede footage below it.
Syncing is a bit tricky but with the audio active on both clips I managed it.
I was then able to adjust the overall size and move it wherever I wanted over the main picture using the “Transform” command.
Hope this helps and glad you like.

Darn I wish there were an easier way. Thanks for the info.

No problem emac. That’s the only way I really know how to do it anyway, it’s actually not too bad when you get your head around it initially. There might be easier options though I open it up to the forum for suggestions!

Well done Fergal.

Thanks Jim glad you like!