My first Serious problem with my BB

I know I haven’t changed the settings but today I noticed that:

  1. When I use my external pedal ( Momentary type ) to stop and start there is a very noticable delay before it stops or starts ( This used to be instant when stopping or starting a beat ).

  2. When I press the Accent pedal ( Momentary type ) it’s the same thing it also comes after I press the pedal, not instant.

  3. I also noticed that the visual metronome is way off and seems to be ahead of the beat (The dark marker looks to be about quarter ahead of the beat at some tempos).

  4. The sync to my Boomerang 3 is also affected and the problem with BB remains when I disconnect it from my Boomerang 3.

FYI: Sobriety is set to sober ! Firmware 1.85

It’s REALLY sloppy !

I have unplugged the power and re-plugged it with no improvement.
I have also tried to restore to default settings but with no improvement.

At the moment my BB is completely useless !

This really SUCK and is making me VERY worried about taking it to my next gig ???

If you have a different SD card, you could try that to see if the symptoms are the same. You can also give one of the newer beta firmware versions a try.

Back to normal again after fiddling around in the MIDI out settings.
Problem is that I don’t know what changed it back to normal ???
And how could this affect the BB’s internal sync with the external footswitch ???
But how could this problem occur in the first place ?

Am I alone with this issue ???

Nah, when the fish weren’t biting, you were probably just like that fisherman—you weren’t holding your mouth right :wink:

Only thing I can think of (and in hindsight) is that the pedal did not save the settings correctly.