My first test with beat buddy as midi slave to loop station

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself… I’ve had the beat buddy for a little over a week now but this is my first time hooking it up as a midi slave to my Boss RC-300.
with this setup you cant use the beat buddy tap tempo feature but you can tap tempo through the loop station. oh, and i didn’t do it in this video, but you can also use the beat buddy to do fills and transitions.
check it out: THE VIDEO

The link gives me [SIZE=5]This content is currently unavailable [/SIZE]page.

Did you encounter any sync. issues ? I saw a few posts where members complained about the midi clock from boss.

shit… well that explains why i got no comments. haha, thanks Daef.
so far i haven’t encountered any sync issues. but i noticed that sometimes if i kill the beat and let my loop keep going, if i want the beat to kick back in i have to be 100% precise when i hit that button. but thats to be expected.
oh, i also noticed that if you loop something, then stop it but dont clear the channel, its next to impossible to start that loop up again and have it sync. so what i do is kill that channel, clear it, then later if i want that back i’ll play it back in and loop it again.

Think you might post the video?

yeah, i’m trying to figure out the best way to do that… leaning towards youtube. but if i’m going to do youtube i want it to be a better more practiced video. this vid really was garbage, truly the first time i got the midi slave hook-up working. i can do better. if i have time i’ll shoot a better vid today.

Mine is garbage as well, yet it is still in my signature :slight_smile:

Just don’t be shy and go ahead!