My first video using the Beat Buddy synced with the Pigtronix Infinity looper

Nice, very nice sound. I miss my Infinity, such a quality product. Thanks for sharing.

Hey mayaman72. That’s really well done. Was kind of expecting to hear the Infinity for the guitar and behold, you used it to for the harmonies. A pleasant sonic treat. Did you have any problems keeping the looper and the BeatBuddy in sync?

Thanks, I actually used the Infinity for a bass loops that I recorded which you may or not be able to hear (depending if your labtop has decent speakers). I’m using a TC Helicon Harmony Singer for the vocals. My intention is to use the Infinity for bass loops to round out a three piece live format so I can play out live like this…

Syncing has been pretty solid and dependable… Have had a problem maybe once or twice but I’m not sure if one time I was fully updated and the other I might of been a little sloppy recording my loop… Nothing enough to make me concerned about using it live. If your firmware is updated you should be good to go…

Thanks… Why did you part with your Infinity if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi There,
I’ve just picked up the Infinity the other day and in the short time I’ve used it with the BeatBuddy it’s been exactly how you’ve described, and fairly easy to use! I wonder if you’ve had the same question as me about the pause/unpause and start/stop loop midi feature? I’ll copy and paste what I posted on another thread:

“Hey Yeah Mike read all your posts! There looked to be a possible light at the end of the tunnel but I actually went for the infinity instead (over the rang III). It works really well, might make a video of my own soon. I’ve just got one dilemma. When I pause/unpause the BB it also stops/starts the loops, which is cool but: I don’t want the loops to start again if they were previously stopped. So example, I have a loop waiting in the infinity for later in the song, I pause the drums, bring them back in, and the loops start (both loops in fact) even though they weren’t playing before. It’s my ONLY issue, any ideas?”

Does that make sense?

Thanks Man!

Yeah funny I think I got what your talking about… It’s hard to describe this stuff (looping) because there doesn’t seem to be a set language everyone agree’s on. I was trying to figure out how to do pre-recorded bass lines and worried about using up too much space but if you have your default card that’s two hours. I wasn’t really thinking if my loops 2-3 minutes per patch that’s gonna take a while to fill up that card…
Anyway if I understand your talking about having a breakdown in a song where everything stops the drums come back first and then everything else comes back later on without the Infinity clock being started again? Sort like a midi sync bypass option?
I haven’t even considered doing that in a song yet I guess I’m just happy to be where I am now which seems like a lot of possibility still. Pigtronix has really stepped up and has a lot of how to vids on the Infinity on their webpage and on YouTube. I’m not sure if there was mention of some kind of bypass on that midi syncing vid. There is one specifically for syncing with the Beat Buddy. If not I would contact tech support for Pigtronix who are super friendly and supportive. If there isn’t a midi sync bypass then it might be something showing up on a new firmware update in the not too distant future. Heck when I got this a couple of years a go all it did was midi sync and didn’t start and stop but they have constantly upgraded features (stop/start, aged loops, extra patches) through firmware updates.

In the meantime if you were hellbent on wanting to do something like that the only way I would see it being possible is if the song only had one progression in it and you recorded the beatbuddy in the actuall loop instead of playing it live. If you follow me?

If money is no object than you could just get yourself a TC Helicon Voicelive Extreme 3 where you can just record all of your base tracks on a thumb drive and upload into that unit but it cost twice the price of the Inifinty…

The amount of effort you’ve put into making this record should be pretty significant!
Two voice tracks, bass line - that’s cool, man! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Listening to the record makes me think of how ideal would it be to play something like this when you’re outside with your friends, like sitting in the forest next to the camp fire, it’s evening, and you all are relaxing from your daily problems.

But the obsessive idea of how cool this would potentially sound “plugged” doesn’t leave me for good :slight_smile:

Where is your actual response?! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah I’m pretty juiced about the potential of this set up for upcoming gigs. Being able to solo or just have accompaniment has been a blast and having the option now to play acoustic or take out my electric has definitely been awesome… I love playing with a band (and I do) but having the option to play a one man band show is cool option that allows me more freedom to play different material…

I wanted to downsize. I sold off a bunch of gear and replaced it all with the TC Voice Live 3. The looper on the VL3 is not quite at the level of the Infinity or Rang yet in terms of stability and sound quality, though it keeps getting better with firmware updates it’s unlikely it will ever get to that level, TC themselves have stated that the looper is not one of their priorities. The integration of guitar/amp modeling and fx, looper, and voice fx, all in one box, is what I was after. The big bonus is that you can mix in the BB and use it’s MIDI clock to keep all the various fx in sync.

Can’t say I blame you… After I finally got this setup going I watched a youtube of the Voice Live 3 and wanted to cry! Such a more simpler setup for the kind of “One man band thing”. I think the Infinity wasn’t really made for this type of application but they’ve tried adapt to th e market out there with there updates. Your still kind of stuck to songs that either only have an A section or an A and B section which kind of eliminates songs with bridges or other parts. What is your overall impression or rating of the VL3? Seriously thinking of upgrading to this at some point in the not too distant future…

Great song great voice too :slight_smile: