My footswitch doesn't work right

Hello everyone,
Lately I’ve had problems with my footswitch, when I press the buttons they don’t respond well to the change I need.
I guess the problem will be changing them. Do you know the brand of these ‎momentary footswitches‎ and how you can get them?

Any momentary Normally open footswitch will work fine.

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Might be worth trying another cable first.

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Before replacing the switches, I would

  • check the foot switch detector to reset them and also check your switch settings.
  • try cleaning them to see if that helps.
  • make sure you’re still using the TRS patch cable.

Carling switches, although a little more expensive, are very durable

  • Carling footswitch, SPST, momentary ON-(OFF) normally closed, or
  • Carling, SPST footswitch, momentary (off-on), normally open
    Either type works as the foot switch detector function will detect and adapt.
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Thanks for this información.
I’m going to see it.

The footswitch+ switches are ON (OFF) or OFF (ON)?

Either type. The pedal will detect the type. Just make sure to buy both of the same type.

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