my footswitch

The footswitch i am using with my beatbuddy works on every other click when pausing while playing. Is it not the right type of footswitch?

If the switch “clacks” loudly when pressed, it could be latching type instead of momentary—which is what the BB pedal needs. Run the foot switch detection on the pedal firmware should tell you what you have. Also make sure to use the proper TRS patch cable to connect the foot switch to the BB.
If it’s a BB remote foot switch, you can contact Support and see if they’ll accept a discounted trade for the newer type.

It is a latching type. so do i need the momentary?

You will need the momentary type switches and especially when using the newest releases of the firmware. If it’s not a Singular Sound remote foot switch and you’re handy with a soldering iron, you can buy switches and replace them yourself. I like Carling as they’re durable.

Contrarian view: No, you will not need a momentary. I have been using a latching switch since I received my BB on my Kickstarter purchase. I believe there are a couple of minor functions/options that you don’t get with the latching switches, but it is 95% fully-functional, and I don’t miss what I don’t have. For perspective, I played 54 shows last year with the original latching switch, and I never felt deprived.

Well, except for that one night when the main switch failed — and Jay at Beat Buddy had me back up and running in less than a week :slight_smile:

Run the pedal detector, and the BB will then respond correctly.

Perhaps someone can tell us both what we’re missing without a momentary switch?


Oh, and if you decide to get momentary switches, you can’t build the pedal for much less than what Singular Sound sells them for. If you want the momentary, I strongly recommend you buy the OEM one from Singular.



While I don’t disagree with JoeInOttawa, here’s what a user might be missing:
[]quieter switching; while not important to everyone, it seemed to be quiet annoying to those that used a remote foot switch for acoustic sets or when recording in their home studio with miss; these users that complained about the the loud clack of the latching switches
]the momentary switches are most useful when being used to advance songs or folders; some—but not all—users complained about not being able to do so
There may be other reasons but these are the ones that cropped up from earlier posts. Bottom line is that you use whatever best works for your environment :cool:

Thanks for that – I wondered what I was really missing using the latching switch, so I appreciate your insight – a lot!

How does the folder advance/retreat work if you’re using the footswitches for song-advance? Is it a press-and-hold? And are there other things the momentary switches give me? I have a bag of Carlings in my toolkit, might just swap them in. I’d order from Singular, but I already have the switches…



I’m using firmware 2.0.4 and I’ve set the foot switch settings on the pedal along the suggestion at

You enter the folder display on the pedal with a slight hold-click on the left switch and advance forward or backward thru the folders by clicking the left or right switch. Once you found the folder you want, another slight hold-click will enter that folder and you can go forward or back thru the songs by clicking.

The Carling switches have been consistent and reliable performers for me.