My hat is off in gratitude

I want to say thank you to everyone in the forum. All the song work ups you all do has helped me become a better guitarist. My jamming friends have noticed and complimented me lately. My timing is more solid, leads are better and I’ve gotten my friends to play a lot of new songs since I got the beatbuddy about a year ago. I am also practicing more because it’s way more fun jamming and learning new songs with the beatbuddy.

My hat is off in gratitude to all of you who work up the songs. Thank you!

I’ll second that I really need to set some time aside and learn midi I’ve downloaded reaper and watched a few videos but it’s a steep learning curve if your completely new to midi as I am .

You might find it easier to try edit exiting midi files for Beat Buddy. You can find many midi files online, I usually search for a song just using “song name midi”. If you want to make an OPB, drums are us usually pretty good to start with. The bass needs to moved up or down a couple octaves to match the drumkit you are using. Then you need to merge the bass and drum tracks into one track. If you can do that, you can start making B.B. songs.

Once you make a few this way, you get a feel for the look of a drum track. Then you can try writing your own drum parts.

Ask for help when you need it.