My Ipad Mini 4 doesn't have a SD card slot

My Ipad Mini 4 doesn’t have a SD slot. Is there a adapter I can purchase to accept my BeatBuddy SD card? If so, what’s it called? Thanks.


Just curious. What are you intending to do by connecting an SD card to your iPad?

Reason I ask is because the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) requires a PC or a Mac to run. The BeatBuddy content uses the BBM to manage its files (.sng), folders (.pbf), drum sets (.drm) and projects.

Thank you for sharing that. I did not realized I can’t use my Ipad Mini. I have a MacBook Pro but it’s old. It doesn’t have a SD port. Any suggestions?

Buy an external USB SD card reader. You can find them at Microcenter or order one from Amazon.

What version of the MacOS are you using? Hopefully not much older than 10.12.6?

I’m using 10.11.6. Think it will work?

That version will work

Great! I sure appreciate the help.

Might want to download and read the QuickStart guide from

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