My latest original recording with a BeatBuddy drum track

I recorded this song rather hastily. So hasty that I forgot to re-enable the drum intro. Oh, well. The 4 count works okay, too.

I used the Rock 5 Jungle Toms for my drum track, recording from the headphone jack into my mixer. The twangy guitar you hear is a 2011 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster in drop d tuning. I used several pickup combinations, including the S-1 switch with the 5-way switch set to position 5. I have never used that setting in a recording before because it is so tinny and nasally. But it kind of worked for a sitar-like sound. The flute sound was created with my 2000 Gary Moore signature Les Paul and an EBow plus model. I constantly switched between the normal setting and the harmonic setting, depending on which string I was using the EBow on. The harmonic setting sounds better on some strings than others. I used a 2012 Rickenbacker 4003 on the bass track, which was also in drop d tuning (something I had never tried before). The Les Paul was in standard tuning.

Banihal Pass is a pass that connects the Kashmir Valley in the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir to the outer Himalaya and plains to the south. Banihal means “blizzard” in the Kashmiri language. I just thought it fit the vibe of the song.

The video is just a video capture of a Winamp visualization while the song was playing. Trip out!

Very creative. I like the depth you achieved with the guitars. Nice, smooth transitions. Did you use your fingers instead of picks in a lot of places in this creation? Sounds like it. I like the sounds of the E-bow also. Always wanted one, never bought it. I always used a muffled distortion sound with a volume pedal to create the swells for violin sounds. Worked for me. You have created a very nice sound with lots of depth and feeling. Welcome to the professional world of music.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks, Fingerstylepicker! No, I used a Herco Flex 75 Nylon pick on the Strat and the RIC. I was adding a fair amount of palm muting on the Strat at times, which is probably what you are hearing. The Les Paul was being EBowed, of course, but I usually use the Herco pick with it, as well.

With the “Title” I have, you can guess I’m a Fingerstyle player and I use a Thumbpick like Chet. Been playing like that all of my music years. My time was the “Rock-A-Billy” years when I was young so I learned all the background music to Carl Perkins, Elvis, Scotty Moore, and the like. My first electric was a Gibson ES295 just like the one Scotty Moore used. Wow! I wish I had that one back. I play all genre’s of music. Learned to play with my Mom who played Organ and Piano, learned her music from her time out of the 30s and 40s, love Big Band Sounds, Blues, Jazz, Country, Classical, etc. Played it all and still at it at 73. I still play every night at home now in my “Music Room”. I have wall to wall amplifiers and a bunch of “Custom Guitars” I built myself on a rack close by and a very large “Pedalboard” with about everything on it. I am having so much fun, it should be illegal. Ha-Ha. Anyway, enjoyed your playing so let’s hear some more.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Love the atmosphere! Great job!