My list of requests

How bout an “audition” button or something that lets me hear the BB without Aeros starting recording. I guess this will be resolved when the Aeros is in control of the BB but right now with Aeros as slave, I have to disable midi control in BB to audition beats.

Would love to scroll a loop with the touch screen and tap a starting point to jump in at when I hit record.

Punch in/out

Ability to set a predetermined number of loop playthroughs

Delete tracks: how is this not a thing?

Rewind/start from beginning

Unlimited track length (at least limited to the size of an sd card)

Total time and location or measure count on main screen as appropriate

UNDO function: I’ve accidentally hit “next part” several times on accident… can’t find a way to go back

Will add more… I’m excited about the possibilities…lots of potential with the Aeros


Thought I’d list my ideas in case this becomes a rolling thread

1a. The ability to have 1/4 (or 1/8 etc) time signatures, or even a separate ‘sync to the beat (not measure)’ mode. This would allow people to combine parts with different time signatures. I think this is really important

1b. If the above was an option it would probably need the ‘next part’ control changed as currently you click next part, then a separate switch to record, which would be quite tight within a 1 beat window. So a one tap that ends playback of current part, moves on to the next part and starts recording all in one

  1. Start recording ahead of playback point. sometimes a phrase will start ahead of the beat. it would be good if you could start recording as soon as you hit record, the loop playback point would still be quantised to the next measure, but everything before that would be captured and added to the overdub layer at the other end of the loop, so next time the loop rolls round it has those lead in notes

  2. Playback based effects. The ditto x4 nails this, the effects are really useful for creative looping, reverse, half time, double time, decaying earlier layers. makes looping an instrument

4a. An option to make transition between loops more seamless. As loops either cut off natural decay when recording stops, or if overdubbed, will start mid sound when the loop is first started. I think a very fast ADSR envelop swelling a loop on first play, and quickly closing down the loop pre transition to another part, would make switching between loops less abrupt and more seamless, just soften the edges a bit. Would be good if it worked like this when undoing/redoing, muting and unmuting as well

4b. Building on the previous idea, a more advanced option, cross fade loop parts. so that when transitioning to a new part it cross fades the old and new loops (would crossfade the next part from the same position in the loop rather than the beginning so as to not throw the timing out)

  1. freeform mode that syncs to itself as well as truly freeform

I realise some of these are fanciful, but thought it was worth suggesting what I think would make the AEROs the perfect looper.

1a is the most important for me


You guys might want to break these out into multiple threads with one feature per thread. That way if people agree with one feature they can register their own support by replying and liking the thread. Or if they are scanning thread titles looking for something specific.

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I think I have made a thread for each idea, think it is worth there being one rolling master thread though, keep everything in one place so things don’t sink away

I’ve basically been doing both. But I’m posting bugs in the bug section individually. I see the point of separate threads but having a master list might help the devs too.

With this being a feature request section, I see it as more of a wishlist… even though most items now on my wishlist right now are bug fixes or standard feature requests, I can update it as bugs are squashed and I discover new features I think would be beneficial.

-edited for clarification-

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The metronome/click should be accessible from the mixer, both volume and ability to turn on and off.

Also want to second ttd’s points 4a and 4b, some sort of crossfade ability between transitions would be key for us ambient/drone people.

  1. Option to ignore the play midi message when syncing to another device, currently it will start to record when you press play on the master device, which sometimes is not what you want. it would be better if it just latched onto the clock and ignored the start message
  1. This is probably in the realms of fantasy, I’m just thinking of dream looper functionality.

Along similar lines to my 4a 4b requests. When you record a loop, it is good to go straight into over dub so there isn’t an abrupt cut off with the natural decay being captured and added to the beginning of the loop. What would be great would be an option so that that over dub recording is also added to a new loop in the next part. That way you would not get the abrupt cut off on loop repeat, but also would not get it when transitioning to the next part

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That’s a good idea… and I didn’t think about it until you mention it above but I’ve have another looper that does that.
I’d love to be able to toggle that ability as
as an option in the menu. I’d like more menu options in general!

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I really hope they implement something like this, it is great to be able to move through sequential parts, but for it to sound natural and musical there needs to be options to ease the transitions


Does anyone else want the ability to have a different time signature and/or tempo for each song part? I have many songs that have a tempo and time signature change in a chorus and would like the benefit of quantizing the loop to a different click. I feel like it could just be under “edit song” where there are tempo and time signature settings for “part 1” and “part 2”.


yeah definitely, I switch between time signatures a lot

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I’m almost considering sending the Aeros back and going with an Ableton Live looping setup. I already have Ableton 10 and a Morningstar MC6 MKII MIDI controller. I’m going to try Ableton out and compare it with the Aeros. I’ll report back.

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I think I’ve mentioned this, elsewhere… to make the best seamless loop, there needs to be an optional crossfade at the end of the loop when you hit overdub. The Pigtronix Infinity has this, but I always thought the crossfade was too short.

I was featured on a radio show last night, and I brought out the Aeros, after only having it for a few days, made some great soundscapes in 6x6, but I wish it had that x-fade. When the free form loop feature is available, this will be crucial, I think.


I’m looking forward to your report and the Ableton setup.