My Music Re-upload - Loggins & Messina


  • Probably spent more money going to Loggins and Messina concerts at San Bernardino than any other group with possibly the exception of Chicago at The Forum.
  • Couldn't find a great MIDI source file as I think the tempo in what I worked from is slightly wonky so I worked it up in versions with and without horns—I like the OPB version best. If you decide to retool it to your taste, please post whatever you come up with.
  • v3 NP StdPBass 63-91
  • v4 NP Standard Bass Horns
  • v3 STAX Piano 4 Part
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version ≥1.6b
  • Firmware > v1.8.5 (recommended)
Includes: 2 songs, MIDI source file & chords & lyrics

Download Here