My new Brushes and Ballad kits taken down temporarily

The following kits are affected:

NP Brushes Upright 0-31
NP Ballad Upright 0-31
NP Jazz Brushes Trio 3
NP Jazz Trio Brushes & Strings
NP Jazz Trio Brushes 2 XRp

These kits show that samples contained within the kit are missing. I have had this problem before with samples that I created in Logic Pro X, but these kits were made using drum samples that were already in the Singular kits, specifically Brushes 1.1 and Ballad 1.1. In point of fact, I never removed or replaced the samples. I did delete some and reset velocity triggers on some. For a reason that escapes my understanding, these kit are showing with red titles in the sample name slot, which means that BBM does not recognize the samples as existing. It’s odd, because the Brushes 1.1 and Ballad 1.1 kits do not exhibit this behavior.

In any case, I have a fixed planned, but it will take a day or two to implement. In the meantime, if you try to d/l those kits, you should get a broken link message.

So its probably not the kits, just my system. But let’s wait to see what happens before I relink them. I don’t want anyone else getting problems.

I’ll be re-linking them in the next couple minutes. There were no apparent problems with the kits.

Has NP Brushes Upright 0-31 been put back up? Thanks!

That message was 2 years old.

Thank you. I did a few searched and couldn’t find it. Thanks again!