My new songs doesn't show in my BB after sync with BBM!??


I created a set list with my own beats (mostly from rearranging the default ones). They works great on my BBM but when export or synch (tried both) with my BB the beats they doesn’t show?? What’s is wrong with what I do?
Please what should I check? I got the latest software version.

I just noticed that if I export the set list as folder (export folder) and after import the folder in a new project all the songs can’t be played on the BBM! When I click the see the midi it’s open the right place but cannot push play!!! However they are still working properly if I go back the the project where I created them…

Please any idea? I need those in 2 days in my BB…

OK sorry,:rolleyes: Found out about the old trick of copy past the folder directly and now it’s showing and working on my BB. Would be great so to be able to do it as it’s suppozed to with the BBmanager…o_O

If you are doing it correctly and if there’s nothing wrong with your SD card or pedal, it should work. Performing functions outside of the BBM is going to cause problems for you–if not not, then later.

Well I looked all the youtube tutorial available on this forum about exporting from BBmanager. I did exactly the same many times synch, export project, delete and redo the SD card, then sync again… nothing worked until I directly copied the 4 folders from the project on my computer unto the SD card and it worked directly. So maybe it’s my BBmanager who is faulty?

Help us out with some more details:

  • Exactly which version of the BBM are you using?
  • what version of an operating system are you using?
  • how are you connecting the SD card
    – with the pedal via USB cable
    – with the SD card in the computer slot reader