My own beats


Hi new to the area. Is there a program that i can program my own drum beats and down load them from my iPad to my device? I write more like oteph lots of different time signatures and beat changes and would like to lay out my music and put it on the Beat buddy. Love the product just want to personalize it with my stuff. Thx


Hi Krupdkrup,
I write most of my own stuff too. I haven’t been using the Pedal for very long but I have found it pretty easy to write in my DAW (Samplitude) using the built in MIDI editor and then export the midi files for importing into Beat Buddy Manager and ultimately into the pedal. (Have recently used the BBM MIDI Editor a little bit too and it works fairly well but can behave kind of wonky at times). I have done some as one press songs (kind of like a backing track) and others as parts with fills and the whole layout as intended.

The biggest challenge I have is that there is no way to change tempo within a song other than using the tap tempo which is very spotty at best. I tend to write on the metal side of music and I write what I feel and tempo changes are often a natural part of the flow. My biggest wish at the moment for BB is for tempo information to be able to be stored per part of each song. This is the only real limitation I have found so far for my use. This may become easier through other hardware but I am just not to that stage yet.

I put together parts that I have in my mind and then use them to “jam” out structures that feel right to me. I used to do this to some extent with an Alesis SR18 but the sounds in that unit were just weak to my ears and parts very limited. BB is a much more natural and authentic sounding machine than most drum machines I’ve used and that includes some top end V-Drums too. And the number of parts are nearly limitless. (If there is a limit to the number of parts for a song I have not reached it yet).
Hope this helps.
It’s a great tool for me but I really need the tempo changes to do what I really want.
I have faith that this will be available some day… soon I hope.


Thx for the help!