My pedal board

[ATTACH=full]1273[/ATTACH] Here are some pics of my pedal board, I’ve lowered the Beatbuddy and footswitch so they are all the same hight

Nice setup, Steve!

Steve, I see you have a Play Acoustic from TC Helicon. I’m thinking about getting one myself. Does it work well with your Beat Buddy? Can you use the looper and Beat Buddy at the same time?

Not really as it does not have midi and so the loop can’t sync, also the loops are barely long enough- if you google the question you can find out how long.

I had a hunch it wouldn’t. TCH’s VoiceLive 3 can sync with the BB but its twice the petal at twice the cost. My primary application is leading church music. I doubt the looper will be used much in my setting. On a side note, a big thanks to Psalm40! Your YouTube videos have made learning the BB very easy. Keep it up.