My pedal settings don't stay after synchronizing in BB manager

Not sure why but now after I’ve set all my setting on both pedals I remove my SD card & put it in my up to date MacbookPro, import SD card as the new project into BB manager and save a copy on computer, then when I add songs and it asks to save & then synchronize I say yes. When I put the SD card back in my BB all the settings I made are gone & I have to reset. It seems the synch is what does that. Can anybody tell me what I’m missing?
I appreciate it! Thanks!

This is a known issue with older versions of the firmware that should be fixed once the latest beta is finalized. Here are a couple of links of how other users have dealt with the problem.

Thanks persist! I have the lastest firmware 1.77 and BB Manager 1.6.01
I did it the way they say & still once I answer YES to : “Do you want to Link the project for future synchronization?”, I lose settings. If I say No, my settings remain.

The best (current) way to fix this is to update your SD card with your latest project and pedal settings. Save that project to your computer, then generate all future projects from that project that you just transferred from the SD card to the computer.

The pedal settings are retained within each project - which is actually a nice feature if you need different settings for various projects. The reason your settings keep reverting back to factory is because the projects you’re moving from your computer to the SD card all have the old settings. Once you get YOUR settings into the projects on the computer, you will keep your settings when you transfer those projects to the SD card.

Thanks Rob22315 but I have done it that way too & still the settings revert back once I click YES to link project for future synch. If I click no I’m good. Weird.

I don’t use the synchronization function often but didn’t have any problems with it overwriting my settings once I got all the projects updated with my settings. Maybe the programmers can fix this in the upcoming BBManager release.