My personal Experience with Beatbuddy Usage

Hello Fellas, I will tell you my experience playing with the Beatbuddy pedal

Once upon a time, My father (guitar) and Me (the bassist and vocalist), are musicians and we have a band, a jazz-fusion one to be precisely, so we have every week a show, but our keyboardist and our drummer girl can not come to every show for a while time, so we have been musicalizing a Religious Worship events with jazz fusion gospel, so the religious audience people is very stric and demanding so they dont wanna fails or gaps in the sound, so my fater and I we arent so good for play on time especially with a machine, because the accents and fills are important to close the sound, so we buy the pedal in Mexico because all the drummers that we know are a little bit pedantics (except our official drummer), so we need a device that covers from pop, straight rythms, latin and funky rythms in the more realistic way.

So at this point every was fine, but our official drummer girl comes back, so the pedal was keeping on the back, but the ting is we have a electric drumkit (yamaha dtx 400k), so the good thing of use beat buddy is the midi in feature for use, because the yamaha dtx400k doesnt have realistic sounds, and have the posibility of add custom ones, so we expand our official drummer girl fusioning the yamaha dtx400k with the beatbuddy pedal, thing that makes that every thing complement each other instead of replacing each other

So my experience with beatbudy is that I recommend you to buy one, if you are a not drummer antisocial musician or bassist, even if you are a drummer that plays with electronic drums (belive me, you will not be replaced in the band by machine)

And we together lived happily ever after

the end

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