My set up and routing issues

My set up Requires My Left output To go to a guitar Amp and Right input into a Mixer With (Mono) Backing Tracks that I connect using the stereo input so i can receive a click for my IEM. ( I use a splitter which the left input connects to Aeros Loop Stereo in which connects to beat buddy which allows the backing track to come out on the mixer and the Right into my IEM allowing me to hear the click up in the BeatBuddy which allows me to control backing tracks with click and it works wonders along side the Beat Buddy… my only downfall is when i upload a backing track into the looper since my show is a mix of backing tracks and live loops. The backing track in aeros also plays in my guitar amp and i would love an option where you can pan either both R/L, or an
option for just L and R… for example: on both the 2x2 and 6x6 there should be a simple option in mixer settings of selecting only (R) output or only (L) output or (B) for both. i don’t think we need anything crazy… all the mixing should be done before uploading a backing track, and if its downloaded individually the boosting and turning down can be controlled by the current feature… if its easier in freeform that would be fine since i’m just talking about backing tracks but another great feature would be to be able to sync songs with backing tracks… a lot of the backing tracks i upload I already have set with BPM beforehand so its a hassle to always have to go down to match the BeatBuddy tempo since freeform doesn’t have a Bpm option or just add a optional bpm feature that syncs with the beat buddy … currently i dot own a midi maestro so if the answer is there I would love to hear it for now thats the only thing I don’t like… other than that it is perfect.

Hey there,

I made this into its own thread to make it easier and not delineate from the original thread’s question

Panning is not possible on the Aeros at this time,

The Aeros will soon support importing into a quantized song, stay tuned!

Have you tried setting the Aeros song to both record and playback in Stereo (song and device settings) and also creating the backing track in stereo? You could pan the backing track all to R side and send only that side to the BB and mixer and IEM, then record guitar to Aeros in L and send only the L out to the amp. You can then send a mono cable from the aux out into the BB > Mixer> IEM and this will have the guitar signal in it.

Let me know!