My Sharona beat and drum set please

please help anyone

I am not exactly sure what exactly can I help you with, but if you mean “My Sharona”, the debut single by the Knack[/URL], then you can download the MIDI file from here - [url]

You can then rip the drumset track from the file, split it to smaller (looped) parts for chorus/verse etc and make a BeatBuddy song via the BBManager software.

Please refer to manual and tutorial videos!

thank you for the reply,i am not familiar about midi,how can i play or edit midi files and play it with my beat buddy pedal,i realt dont know how to rip and slip it to a smaller looed,can you send me a video about this process,because i need a lot of drumbeats for my song that i need,i,ve open the midi song “my sharona” but it is too big for a wave file to play in a BB pedal,thank you so much Daef in advance,

Well, that’s really tricky.
It depends much on what operating system your computer runs. If you are on Windows like me, you could use Guitar Pro 5.2.

You can also search for “how to edit midi file youtube” - and look some tutorials. The process of editing MIDI files is easy once you
Here is what I’ve came up with

  • Ableton Live. Looks totally like Windows 7 to me.

You could also try an excellent editor by @CharlesSpencer here -

thank you Daef for the BIG help…,