My songs from the old forum

I thought that now, when the problems are with old forum, especially with download resources and few month ago I created some songs, will share them here also. Enjoy!
Chitlits.sng (7.2 KB)
Cold_shot updated.sng (6.6 KB)
Crossroads_JM.sng (4.9 KB)
Drive_my_car.sng (9.1 KB)
Help_the_poor.sng (29.4 KB)
I_dont_need_no_doctor.sng (4.3 KB)
Lenny.sng (6.1 KB)
Mary had a little lamb.sng (8.2 KB)
Message_of_love.sng (15.7 KB)
One_note_samba.sng (4.3 KB)
Riviera_paradise.sng (15.4 KB)
Scuttle_Buttin OPB.sng (9.5 KB)
Supernatural.sng (6.7 KB)
Alright_Now.sng (774.1 KB)
One_note_samba.sng (4.3 KB)
Tennessee_w_bass.sng (2.9 KB)
Tequilla.sng (4.5 KB)
Who_knows_OP.sng (28.5 KB)

Informations about songs are on the old forum.



You’re wellcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks for re-posting this… I really liked a couple of the SRV songs…

Cheers… :beer:

You’re wellcome.

El_Gordo via Singular Sound Forum ezt írta (időpont: 2019. máj. 6., H, 22:33):

Check it here, how it works in action.

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Great playing Gabor… I was fortunate to have seen SRV play this one live back in 85, and you really did the song justice… and that is not an easy thing to do…

Which kit were you using on the Beatbuddy?..

Cheers… :beer:

Thanks for nice words!
Yes, SRV is the great idol for me. I never learned his stuff one in one exactly, just the main points and concentrate rather on the “justice” and on here and now. So, this is improvisation. Same thing with Jimi, John Mayer etc. music. If you like it, check my channel for others. In the same gig I was playing more SRV, but didn’t upload yet. Will do in the future.
The kit is NP StdPbass 63-91

One note Samba is not correct. Here is the right version and chart for it.
One_note_samba.sng (4.2 KB)