My (urgent) requests

Hi all,

My (urgent) requests are… (because I can’t use Aeros for now) :

1- change part in “end of loop” with 1 click, when i select a part it will automaticly change the part in end of loop… (the more important for me, I use a lot part change)

2- Output (and pan) management for each track, I would like the drums, KB , bass, etc… on the sound system, and my guitars on my amps…

3- Files management on a computer

4- midi out



The switch tracks once a loop ends is apparently coming this month. I can’t use the Aeros until this is implemented either.

Is this a switch on the track or the part?

Sounds similar to “one shot” loops … which are very much needed.

Wondering how the choice of “next part” works in 6x6. Would be great to have a setting (next one, previous one, part number) per song with some way to override quickly with the footswitch/scroll wheel on the fly.

Hope so because I can’t use my Aeros yet without this fonction… still using my old looper… it’s a pity.
This fonction is basic for loopers with loop serie capacitys, strange…

An another thing would be great for live sessions, i don’t need to pass on + (new part) every time if all my parts are ok for me… i think maybe two mode would be help, one for play, one for record AND create new parts…
I don t know if i’m clear??? :slight_smile:

We need the end of loop urgently please

Thanks… :wink:

But given the flexibility of how tracks can be recorded in Aeros, we also need to be able to configure what exactly the “end of loop” is.

Consider a loop which has 3 tracks (I mean, parallel tracks in 6x6 mode):

  • four measures starting from the first: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • eight measures starting from the first: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • four measures starting from the third: so it’s still 1, 2, 3, 4, but it was recorded like 3, 4, 1, 2

So off the top of my head, we can have at least the following options to consider the “end of loop”:

  • End of first recorded track (which is guaranteed to start from the first measure since it’s the first track), so in the example above it’ll be 4 measures
  • End of the longest track, so in the example above it’ll be 8 measures
  • Maybe for some songs it could be manually entered number of measures

Btw I’m surprised that your urgent requests don’t include one-click muting and muting/unmuting on the end of the measure. So important for me personally…

Yes I forgot that, it’s not an exhaustive list :wink:

Perhaps there is some way for the user choose one of the tracks as a master with some common default (first or longest).

One track to rule them all.

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Seem Aeros (will) lock always on the longest file…

This was the option on other loopers I’ve had.