My Way (DOP, OPB, OPBhs in D) re-up - Jazz Standard; Frank Sinatra

First off, some of the greatest lyrics ever written, unless you are some kind of perpetual sell-out. :confused:

OPBhs requires use of the NP Brushes Upright Harp Strings kit.

OPB will work with NP Brushes Upright 0-31.

DOP can use Brushes or Brushes 1.1.

Includes: 3 .sng files, 3 mid part files, and chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

Definitely a challenge to pull off. First, I needed a new drum kit. - done.

Then, at the end there are multiple tempo changes. The first 72 bars play along at 77 BPM, then there is a 6 beat ritardano to 58 BPM, and a simulated hold for two beats at 46 BPM. This then jumps to 83 BPM for the string section coda, and then again to a slow 56 BPM for the final hold.

The result is that you get accurate visual metronome for the first 72 bars, and after that, you have to use your ears.


Download Here

Thank you a classic of classics

Phil, you are a Monster.


Your work is TOP quality, and copious.