Mystery screw

Hey All!

So I noticed the bar ( that I now know holds the pedal / foot switch to the beat buddy ) was protruding - upon inspection I noticed a rattle inside my beat buddy.

So I pulled it apart and found that little black grub screw inside… just floating around. but can’t for the life of me figure out where it’s come from? Any takers? It’s looks the same as the ones holding the knobs on, but they are all there. I’m not going to pull the pedal fully apart if I dont have to…

And also that little silver washer was sitting next to the beat buddy - not sure if it came from the beat buddy - no idea where it came from if it’s not a beat buddy part.

Any help muchly appreciated!

Attached pic for reference

See if this video leads you to any ideas

I’m guessing that it’s the set screw that keeps the pedal pin in place—as to where it goes, no telling. From the picture, can’t tell if that’s a washer or a slug or maybe some type of spacer.

Please let us know what you discover and if you’re still under warranty, you can contact Support, for possible replacement.

I have had a rattling sound of a screw or something in my BB for more than a year now. I decided to leave well enough alone since the BB works fine. But it bothers me… WTH is that?!? :slight_smile:

Open it up it can cause a short in your BB, and that is something you don’t want. It only takes three screws to open it up and shake it to see if it will fall out.

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That would make sense it being a set screw for the pedal pin… but from that video the pin appears to simply “sit” in there, with no set screw… I was surprised to find mine also seems to work that way… I’ll have another look later today to confirm.

My Beat Buddy also does some of those weird things like on the video - occasionally my BB jumps to the volume screen and the volume moves up and down randomly - I’ll hit it with some contact cleaner and see what’s happens.

My pedal hasn’t been under warranty for a while.

So yes - it was the screw that held the pedal pin in… It mounts from inside the pedal.

Since yesterday i`ve lost the tiny screw. Face palm.

I dare say i`ve been using it like this for a long time. But will endevour to get the screw back in when / if i can find it. Needle in a hay stack!


Can’t hurt to ask. They should send you one.

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