Naming conventions

Hi, can anyone explain the naming convention for song parts, when I explore the SD card on my Mac?

I’m pretty new to Aeros and had just about got used to 2x2 mode when I realised I needed 6x6, for when I have a bridge in the song. I’m finding it really difficult to navigate through the song in this mode (yes I know 5.0 has added single click navigation, but want to understand things a bit more before I update.)

I’m guessing CHASP1T1 is channel A, part 1 track 1, but I can’t see the significance of the S. But then we have CHBSP1T1, which is an empty file. Should that be the right channel if I’d been working in stereo?

Basically In the heat of trying to create a song (guitar, bass & verse, chorus bridge) I keep creating extra tracks by mistake. Undoing what I’ve done in error just leaves me empty tracks. I want to take the final file onto my Mac and clean out the unwanted stuff, so it’s easier to navigate.

I mainly use it for practice or making demos, rather than live looping.

Refer to p140 of the printer-friendly user manual.

Brilliant, thanks very much

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