Naming Songs with physical keyboard

Does anyone know if there is a way to hook up a physical keyboard to name your songs in the Aeros? I don’t spend a long amount of time on each song, and its a pain for me to give each one a specific name with the touchscreen. Thanks!

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It would be ideal to be able to plug a keyboard into the USB port and to be able to do so but I’m not sure the USB port has been enabled or programmed to support keyboard input.

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Thanks for the reply! Maybe Bluetooth would work when it becomes available with an update?


Or maybe the touch screen keyboard could be improved. That would likely benefit the most people. (If SS has run out of ideas or usb/bt keyboard support is a very small effort, then why not add keyboard support, but…).

Not sure if it’s an issue with the display/digitizer, the floor location of the device, and/or the software, but it’s not easy to use the soft keyboard.

Some form of audio feedback (click) and pergaps visual (flash, animate clicked character popup like phons do) would help the soft keyboard a lot!
Some way to make the soft keyboard bigger?
Auto Capitalize Each Word in song names.

I REALLY need to hook up a computer keyboard, either USB or wireless/bluetooth, to the Aeros, so as to input song names, maybe scroll up/down and select, input a tempo, delete songs & confirm, and so forth. First priority to type song names – it is very frustrating to get down on my knees and try to type a name without repeated stabs at tiny letters and repeatedly hitting the backspace “key” on the device. Or lift it up to a table and maybe have the power plug come out.