Navigating The Beat Buddy Pedal Menu's

I am attempting to navigate through the Beat Buddy pedal menu and am struggling to understand how to do this. I there a video tutorial for this?

What are you trying to accomplish—anything in particular?

Some basics for navigation…

  • Press middle and right knobs on BB to get into the menus
  • Use the Up/Down arrows to move through the menus
  • Use the Enter (or Right Arrow) button to select sub menus
  • Use Enter to select the option in the sub-menu you want
  • Scroll down to “Back” and use Enter to exit the menu, or just use the Left Arrow.

Now, none of this might answer your question, and if so, I refer you to Persist’s question.


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Thanks JoelnOttawa. I will give these instructions a try in a few minutes.

Persist. I am trying to get to the 4/4 time signature blues beats and cannot get out of the 3/4 time signature. I also noticed that i am using the classic drum set which is what i want to use and it has only 3/4 time signature beats? Seems like each drum kit should have all of the beats available to use?

Time signatures are part of the songs themselves – some are 4/4, some 3/4, some 6/8, and so on. Use the buttons to choose different songs and you’ll get different time signatures.

To audition songs, you should seriously consider using the Beat Buddy Manager software, because a lot of the songs include the time signature in their names. But if you want to audition on the pedal itself, use the arrow buttons. Up/Down lets you browse the current list, and Enter selects. Left arrow takes you back out to the genre menu (Blues, Country, Rock, Funk, etc.), and Select or Right Arrow takes you back into song selection.

Good luck!