Need an 11/8 time rock piece

Trying to piece together a version of the Allman Brothers “Whipping Post”, which opens with an 11/8 time, then goes to 6/8.
Anyone have a Main Drum Loop I can combine (stick in front of) with (maybe) Blues 5 (6/8)? Apparently the 11/8 signature only exists as a metronome in BB.

The song goes 11/8, 12/8, 6/8, repeat…


You’re probably looking for just the beats in the default configuration but while you wait, here’s something to tide you over: Whipping Post - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)

Thank you.
This wont work for me because I am basically a busker, and will play “around” the parts - free style. For example, during the verse, I will add lines by playing the riffs as lines in-between the “recorded” version sung lines, so I end up lengthening the parts.
If I had the time sig. on the BB as a rock or blues drum beat, I can manually change from time 1 (intro) to 2 (verse) to 3 (chorus) as I add (or not). BB does have the other time sigs.
Thanks though.
{might add this is probably why I feel overwhelmed by an OP file and prefer knowing the source of the main drum loop} {corrected}

11_-_8.sng (1.6 KB)

Next time, keep the “aversion” comment to yourself. I have an aversion to people who get stuff for free, apparently can’t create it themselves, and then complain about what they get.

The proper reply would have just ended at “thanks, though.”

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sorry - you are correct - my choice of words was very wrong. Perhaps overwhelmed would be better, as in overwhelmed with the technology due to my lack of knowledge.
Thank you. Thank you all.

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