Need help! Broken jack tip in exp pedal jack socket

Hello dear colleagues and singular sound people,
I need your help.
Just received my aeros gold a week ago and started d practicing right away. So far it has been amazing. Truly the most versatile looper I’ve ever used, and I used many boss loopers like the 505 and the 30 a lot.
Started practicing and wanted to test the external pedal function, as I used this a lot with my rc30. So I plugged in my control pedal, realising my mistake quickly and went to grab my expression pedal. So, I unplugged my control pedal and…

The tip of the jack remained in the aeros!
The horror…

I tried getting it out with the cotton bud (without the bud) trick. Didn’t work. I tried with a small drill-bit (by hand!) in the hole of the jack tip. Managed to move it slightly, but it will not go past the slightly sloped metal connectors inside the hole. There seems to be no way of getting this tip out. Do any of you have an idea that might help me? Or is there a safe way of removing the jack socket so I can remove the tip more easily?
Ohh just my luck… Who is my helping hero?

Thank you

Contact Support, and see if they can talk you through the DIY process. Let us know what you had to do to extract the tip.

Sent them an email right away. If anything comes out (literally) I’ll post it here.

If you have a hobby shop nearby, take your cable/pedal with the now missing tip to it. Purchase a piece of threaded rod that matches the diameter of the piece that id now missing the end tip, you may be able to screw it into the tip and then remove the loose tip. Good luck.

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Have you tried pushing it out from the inside?

Haven’t opened it up yet. Not sure it might void the warranty. I’m waiting for a reply from the singular sound support desk.

So I tried once more tonight and finally managed tot get the tip out of the socket. The ‘trick’ so to say was to have good lighting, so I could look inside the socket while working. I used a very small drill (2mm) to gently pull the tip towards me. But at the same time I had to push with a second small drill the metal connectors up. The sockets where so new and nice and tight that is was impossible to remove the tip just by pulling it. Anyway, I am so relieved. Thanks to all for your thoughts.

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Glad you fixed it. Thanks for following up to let us know how you did it.