Need help....broken SD Card!!! Urgent....I have a show tonight!

While trying to sync my SD card I noted the “lock” tab on the SD card has broken off and must be in the locked position and It won’t sync up

How do I format and sync a new SD card?
Please let me know ASAP…I have a show tonight

Thanks in advance!

If you have a new SD card and your project on your BBM is current,
[]no need to format the SD card as it should be in the correct format, ready to accept your BBM files
]download and unzip firmware 2.0.4
[]put the SD card in your computer slot reader
]drag the 5 firmware files to the top level of your SD card
[]BBM File > Export Project to SD card and accept the prompt to synchronize
]eject card from computer
[]with power off on your BB pedal, insert card and turn power on
]reset your foot switch settings
Suggestion: when you’re a working musician and depend on your BB, buy a second SD card and go through the same steps as above so you have a working and current backup SD card. “Shtuff” happens :eek:


Also, try using a needle to move the slide on the side of your broken SD card. Might be quicker and it could work.

thanks!! Worked like a charm!!

Hi @persist I have similar issue in terms of gig on Saturday. A piece of the plastic on end of SD card cracked and would go into the reader. I pulled the little plastic pin off so it couldn’t end up in the pedal. Then wouldn’t read. I had an old SD card 16GB. I’ve run through the procedure outlined in jan 10, 2018. The pedal says no SD card even though it is inserted. I checked the info for the card and it says

Will buying a new card make a difference, I’ll try anyway but any clues would be appreciated

Hi @persist bought new SD card and still same problem that pedal says no SD card. Not recognising it. Not sure if it likely to be SD reader in pedal? Attach image of the files on the SD Card.

From the screen shot, it appears that your pedal is not processing the firmware (the three .bin files should no longer be visible once the pedal processes the firmware files). You can try the following:
[]disconnect the pedal from power and all cables; remove the SD card
]you are going to try to dislodge any broken parts that may have been left behind by your old SD card on the inside of the pedal: pick up the pedal; turn it so the SD slot is pointing to the ground; shake it 3-4 times and then use the palm of your hand to smack the bottom of the pedal firmly (don’t beat it—just one firm whack)
[]make sure your new SD card is not locked—check the slider button on the side of the card
]insert your new SD card in the pedal; it should fit all the way in to the pedal SD slot reader
[*]plug in the power to your pedal
If this still doesn’t work, use your computer SD slot reader to delete (do not FORMAT the SD card) all of the contents of the SD card; copy the 5 firmware files to the top level of the card; power off on the pedal, insert the card and power on. If it works, use the BBM to export your project to your card and accept the prompt to sync.

If none of this helps, recommend you contact

Good luck an let us know how it turns out.

@persist yeah I tried this an no luck. The bin files were still on card after so pedal seems to be no processing card. I doubt there is any part of card in the unit as the little plastic prong that came loose at one end I took off. I’m running out of time. I’m in Auckland anyone got a unit they can loan me? I’ll reach out to support now. IS there a number I can reach them on? Time of the essence

@BeatBuddy Support should pick up on this thread and contact you. I’m pretty sure they have a number to call but I don’t know what it is.

Not sure Support can resolve your issue before the show but it may be worth sending a PM to them. If you bought it from a store in Auckland, you might be able to sweet talk them into letting you open and use a new one under the premise that Support will send them a replacement. I can’t speak for them though.

Also suggest using a rocket blower to blow out any debris that might be stuck inside. Also good to clean your camera gear/lenses (its intended purpose):

Hi all, I just responded to the email.