Need help getting beats for these songs

Looking for beats for these songs. Any help would be greatly appreciated at least Until I learn how to create these songs.
Aint no Sunshine
come monday
Drinking my baby
fire on the mountain
feel like making love
follow me
Heard it in a love song
Im yours
Lay down sally
Lonely ol night
lazy song
my girl
one love
only want to be with you
pink houses
ramblin man
seminole wind
sun down
take it easy
sweet caroline
teach your children

I posted Lay Down Sally and Take It Easy to the Country beats forum

Thank you very much, so much help, I really appreciate it!

Laydown is .mid vs .sng. I was not able to figure out how to import a mid. I did get Take it easy though because it was a .sng. Thanks again for the generous gift.

.sng is a complete exported BeatBuddy song. It contains several song parts (both main parts, fills and transitions), and each of them has the underlying source .mid file.

but can you import it to BB? Can you import a .mid song? It was not high lighted like the other song, so I assume you can not.

You will have to separate .mid song into parts, arrange them with BBManager into proper song parts, then export the resulted .sng file out.
It cannot be done automatically.

By the way, if you have any idea about how such a task can be done automatically, I will certainly think about implementing it.

The question is - suppose you have a complete MIDI song file. How can it be automatically split into song parts, e.g. where is the main drum loop, where are fills and transitions?

I just posted Aime to country beats

You Da Man!, I was just working on this song too. Thanks!!!

Does anyone want the challenge to Devil Went Down To Georgia, that is beyond my scope right now, although it is getting easier the more I dabble. :slight_smile:

I posted Pink Houses to the country beats

I might be a little while before I attempt that one… but between you and me it might be a nice challenge. I think there are some real changes in there. But I’ll eventually get to it.

Pink Houses oh ya, thanks man.